International ballet festival "Temps lié"

MAY 2-6, 2018

  1. Organizers of the International ballet festival “Temps lié” (hereinafter – the Festival):
  • Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • NJSC “Kazakh national academy of choreography” (hereinafter – the Academy).
  1. Purposes and objectives of the festival:
  • development and promotion of choreographic art;
  • the international exchange of creative achievements in the field of Choreographic education;
  • improvement of masterly performance of the festival participants;
  • recognition and support of gifted performers.


  1. Classical dance;
  2. Folk dance stage adaptation (folklore, the stylized national dance);
  3. Modern dance.
  1. Students of vocational choreographic schools (colleges, specialized schools) shall participate in the Festival.
  2. Each educational institution shall present the program including one or two performances for the Festival.
  3. An application form completed by the person wishing to participate in the Festival certifies that the future participant will completely accept an order and conditions of the Festival.
  4. Organizing committee of the Festival shall reserve the right to select the program for the Gala concert.
  5. To take part in the Festival you need to complete the application form by March 20, 2018 on the website:
  6. Administration of the Festival is entitled to use data from the applications in information and analytical materials of the competition and within the framework of the program events of the Festival.
  7. The Festival participants can use records on CD disks, flash drives which should be presented to the Organizing committee in duplicate by March 20, 2018. The names of educational institutions and the names of performances should be specified on the storage media. For rehearsals, you need to have a CD disk with the recorded program.
  8. Organizing committee of the Festival shall not provide delegations with any types of insurance.
  9. Video recording and filming at the Festival are possible only with special permission of the Organizing committee.

Following the results of the Festival, educational institutions and participants will be awarded with diplomas and image products.

02.05.2018 – Day of arrival

03.05.2018 – Ceremonial opening of the Festival, concert of the Kazakh national academy of choreography.

04.05.2018 – Master-classes, Festival performances on the stage of “Astana Ballet” theater

05.05.2018 – Master-classes, Gala concert, closing of the Festival.

06.05.2018 – Day of departure

Mukhamedov Irek Dzhaudatovich

Teacher and guest tutor at the Royal ballet, English national ballet, Scottish ballet and Bordeaux.

Ulyana Vyacheslavovna Lopatkina

Russian ballet dancer, recognized prima and leading ballerina, people's artist of Russia

Xiao Suhua

Prominent Chinese choreographer, teacher, theorist, Professor of Beijing dance Academy

Keisuke Kousaka

The Director of a private ballet school “Sofia Ballet Academy”

Kuzmina Elena Anatolyevna

Kuzmina Elena Anatolyevna-Deputy Director for educational and methodical work on special subjects in the «Boris Eifman dance Academy»”.

Vildanova Oliya Galeevna

The Director of the Bashkir choreographic College.R. Nureyev
  1. The Organizing committee of the Festival shall undertake the responsibility for creation of conditions for holding the Festival.
  2. The host party shall cover the transportation costs (air, railway tickets, transfer), accommodation and catering costs for the Festival participants (1 teacher, 2 students). If the delegation includes more participants than it is specified, then the transportation costs shall be covered by the sending party.
  3. The Organizing committee shall provide accommodation for the students – participants of the Festival in the residential campus of the
  4. The Organizing committee shall provide accommodation for teachers – participants of the Festival, heads of specialized schools (colleges) in the residential campus of the
  5. The Organizing committee shall not provide accommodation for media representatives who have arrived to the Festival.
  6. Educational institutions should submit data of participants for buying air tickets and their photos (portraits) and brief characteristics of each participant by March 20, 2018.

Service for International Cooperation and Public Relations

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Phone: 8 /7172/ 790 855

Higher qualification specialist: Saltanat Rassilova

Phone: 8 7172/ 790 869

Higher qualification specialist: Malika Nayzabekova

Phone: 8 7172/ 790 869

Higher qualification specialist: Merey Zeynesh

Phone: 8 7172/ 790 859

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  • - students (specify the grade/course)