The department of science, postgraduate education and editorial-publishing activities (hereinafter – Department) organizes the scientific, methodological, research work of the Academy, coordinates the educational and operation of the magistracy and the issue of quarterly journal «Arts Academy».

The directions of scientific and scientific-methodical works carried out at the Academy comply with the requirements of modern higher professional education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the development of Kazakhstani science. The Academy had been successfully accredited for entities of scientific and technical activities (certificate of the MK Series № 004991 from June 23, 2017).

The Academy’s research activities are carried out in accordance with the mission, goals and objectives outlined in the Strategic Development Plan of the Academy for 2018-2023.

The range of research aims at scientific growth of faculty, students and undergraduates, strengthening the interrelations between science, education and art, development of science human capacity, Academy’s integration into the international scientific community.

The international cooperation in the area of research is carried out through focusing on external relations development and active cooperation with foreign universities.

The Kazakh National Academy of choreography is aimed at integrating into global scientific research community as one of the key areas of our development.

Head of Department – Zaure Abdirassilova
Phone: 8 /7172/ 790-857

High-level specialist – Assel Esmurzayeva
Phone: 8 /7172/ 798-547

Editor – Serik Zhunussov
Phone: 8 /7172/ 790-832