Psychological adaptation of students

On October 18, 2018, psychologist off educational works and social problems department has provided the training directed to the adaptation of students by new academic year and specifics of training in Academy. Students of the first and second courses of school college of professional education participated in a training.

Acquaintance of students among themselves, removal of barriers in communication, the accelerated passing of the stage “grindings in” and forming of the social structure of the group and also the determination of qualities of the successful person who harmoniously interacts in the team was the purpose of a training.

The training was provided with the application of the techniques and games directed to a raising of mood and a spirit for collaboration, the disclosure of “strengths”, those qualities of their personality which give the feeling of internal confidence, improvement of interaction in collective, team building. During the training discussion of a concept of success was carried out, that how to become the successful personality how to keep internal self-confidence harmoniously interacting in the team.

The problem of adaptation of first-year students isn’t a new subject in scientific discussions, but nevertheless, the circle of the factors and peculiar features influencing formation and definition of future expert draws attention. A new educational situation, new collective, new subject matters – and behavior models at the teenager old, suitable for training at school, but yet not in college and as long and by what way skills will be formed, depends as well on the psychology and pedagogical help of college.