Postgraduate education (Magistracy)

 6M040600 “Direction” specialty

(training term 2 years)

 6M040900 “Choreography” specialty

(training term 2 years)

The list of documents at revenue to 1 course for training in postgraduate programs:

1. Statement addressed to the rector;

2. Copy of the document on the higher education;

3. Copy of the certificate on passing the test according to programs (in case of their existence);

4. Personnel record card and the document confirming work (for the persons having the seniority);

5. 3×4 sized six photos;

6. Form 086-U medical certificate;

7. Copy of the identity card;

8. The list of scientific and scientific – methodical works (in case of their existence);

9. The documents provided in a foreign language have to have notarized translation to Kazakh or Russian;

10. The documents provided by foreign citizens have to be nostrificated in accordance with the established procedure;

11. Payment receipt of testing on foreign, Russian or Kazakh languages;

12. Additional documents (report on profile of preparation and review of the paper, portfolio with diplomas and certificates of republican and international competitions in specialization);

13. Certificates of master – classes.

Terms of documents acceptance and entrance examinations (Postgraduate)

Documents acceptance:

From July 03 to July 31.

Entrance examinations:

From August 10 to August 20

Appeal commission is created for ensuring compliance of uniform requirements and permission of controversial issues.
Appeal commission adopts and considers statements from the persons entering in magistracy on the content of examination materials and technical reasons.
Appeal commission makes the decision on addition of points to the person appealing results of an entrance examination in the specialty.
Results of appeal on a foreign language are transmitted by the appeal commission to the republican appeal commission.
Representatives of governing bodies of education, doctors and candidates of science from other organizations of science and education on profile of choreographic specialties have to be included in appeal commission as independent experts.
Appeal commission accepts and considers applications from the persons entering in magistracy till 01 p.m. of the next day after announcement of entrance examination results and are considered within one day from the date of filing of application. Concerning the given mark, the voting should be conducted, and the assessment is approved by a majority of votes. In case of equality of votes, the voice of the chairman of the commission is decisive. Work of the appeal commissions shall be produced by protocol signed by the chairman and all members of the commission.
Appeal commission works with each person in an individual order. In case of absence of the person on a meeting of the appeal commission, his application for the appeal is not considered.
At consideration of the application by the appeal commission, the person which has given on the appeal provides an identification card.