Choreography faculty has been in place since 2016. There are 3 departments at Choreography faculty: Department of pedagogy, Department of directing and Department of concertmasters’ mastership and musical education.

Choreography faculty formed by skilled teachers and masters of a scene among whom there are doctors and candidates of science, professors, Honored artists and Honored workers of RK, winners of international competitions, masters and assistants.

Today Choreography faculty actively develops in all directions of professional, methodical, research and creative activity. Traditional methods of training classical disciplines are interacting, innovative technologies and also author’s techniques of training of national choreography are being approved and introduced here.

Dean: Nurlan Kanetov

Deputy dean: Dina Kabdusova
Phone: 8 /7172/790 868

Department of pedagogy conducted training by specialty 5B040900 “Choreography” and in following directions: “Pedagogy of choreography”, “Pedagogy of sport and ballroom dance”, from 2017-2018 academic years here were entered new specialization “Pedagogy of ballet”. Form of education – full-time.
Teaching staff of pedagogy department: Kokshinova S. Y. – Eminent culture figure of RK, Kulbekova A.K. – EdD, professor of art criticism, Tati A.A. – Honored actress of RK, Eminent culture figure of RK, Kaukov S.T. – Eminent culture figure of RK, Kosmanov S.Zh. – Honoured worker in education , Culture figure of RK, Usmanova N.A., Kabdusova D. E., Kenzekeev R.V., Sadykova A.A., Zhumadyarova E.S., Aldamzharova D.R., Kuanyshbekova D.M., Moissev E.S. – masters of art criticism sciences.

Department of directing turn out staff by specialty 5B040600 – “Directing” specialization “Directing of choreography”. The course lasts 5 years (bachelor degree), form of education – full-time.
Teaching staff of the department: Izim T.O. – the honored actress of KAZSSR, Saitova G.U. – the honored actress of RK, Tukeev M.O. – the honored artist of RK, Musin R.I. – honored artist of RK, Kayyr Zh.U. – “Cultural figure”, Agzamova D.O. – holder of “Award for excellence in education”.

Head of the department: Murat Tukeev
Phone: 8 7172/798 568