The Board of Studies of the NJSC “The Kazakh national academy of choreography” (further – the Board of Studies) – the elective representative organ performing the general management of Noncommercial joint-stock company “Kazakh National Academy of Choreography” (further – Academy).

Meetings of the Board of Studies are convened by its chairman once a month. Secretary carries out the protocol at meetings of the Board of Studies of Academy. 

Functions of the Board of Studies of Academy:

  • consideration and adoption of the acts on different types of Academy activity (regulations, rules, orders) which are not contradicting the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Charter of Academy;
  • reduction of training term of the persons which have secondary professional education of the corresponding profile or the higher education of various levels;
  • transfer of the beginning of academic year;
  • definition of election order of deans and heads of departments, order of competitive selection of applicants for replacement of faculty positions, implementation of elections of deans of faculties and heads of departments;
  • the statement of an order of providing students with grants and getting an education at the expense of the state budget, according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • solution of the main questions of social and economic and strategic development of Academy;
  • the analysis of content and the organization of teaching and educational process, improvement of research work, international relations and economic activity of Academy, representation to academic statuses, promotion to positions, initiation discovery of new specialties of a bachelor degree, magistracy, doctoral studies, creation of Dissertation Councils;
  • theses approval;
  • consideration of a question of representation of workers to honorary titles, state and branch awards and also other types of encouragement;
  • discussion of working curricula on all directions of preparation and specialties, changes in them, according to the state educational standards of technical and professional, postsecondary education, the higher and postgraduate education;
  • control of implementation of decisions of the Board of Studies through hearing reports in the order established by the Academic council of heads of faculties, departments and other divisions of Academy.

The Board of Studies of Academy is competent to take decisions on all questions of the organization and content of educational, methodical, scientific, creative, educational, personnel, financial, economic, international activity of Academy and on other questions aimed at providing activity of the Academy.

 The chairman of the Academic council – the President, the honored artist of the Russian Federation, the Winner of Russian Federation state award– Asylmuratova Altynay Abduakhimovna;