Department of additional education

The Department was established to coordinate an interaction of Academy’s structural units regarding to additional professional education issues.

The purposes of Department of additional education are:

  • Organization of educational activities in the field of professional development, training and retraining of specialists and teaching staff;
  • Organization and holding the master classes in conjunction with International cooperation department;
  • Provision of educational services in additional paid education programs for various categories of students.

The main objectives of department are:

  • Organizational and preparatory, advisory work on advanced training courses for Academy’s teaching staff on individual and group forms of education;
  • Organizational – preparatory work on holding master classes for pupils and teaching staff of the Academy;
  • Organization of educational process by programs of additional paid education.

Head of additional education department, Ph.D, Biology – Seytkulova Lyayla Mambetovna.
High-level specialist – Kakimzhanova Zhuldyz.
Phone: 8 / 7172/798 587