While studying at the Academy for programs of elementary, technical and vocational education and higher education for nonresident students (grades 4-9, college and bachelor students), arrived from regions and localities outside the location of the Kazakh National Academy of Choreography and not having medical contraindications are provided accommodation for boarding schools. Today, 265 students of the Academy live in the boarding school.

The Boarding school meets all modern requirements. All conditions have been created for comfortable living of students, preparation for studies, and conducting useful leisure activities.

The Boarding school sections consist of 2 rooms. In each section there are 2 bathrooms and 2 insulated showers. All rooms are equipped with beds, desks and wardrobes.

There are rooms for self-preparation, where, under the guidance of educators, 30 students at a time have the opportunity to prepare for classes at the same time. For the organization of leisure and educational work can be used recreation rooms, sports and children’s playgrounds, etc. There is a wireless network of Internet access WI-FI.

Educational work

To carry out educational work in the boarding school around the clock, work is done by educators who supervise the studies of primary school students, timely rest and food, take care of life and health, surround children with maternal care and caress. The educators carry out close work with the psychologist (questionnaire, conversation, trainings, tests, individual work).

To prevent the negative consequences of emergency situations and preparedness for them, a boarding school has developed and implemented a collection of algorithms for the actions of educators in various unforeseen situations.

Catering services

Nonresident pupils of grades 4-9, studying under the state order and living in a boarding school are provided with preferential 5 meals a day. Payment for meals is made on arrival at the boarding school at the beginning of each school semester.

Free meals at the expense of state funds are provided to orphans and children left without parental care, under the care and patronage.

The dietician is responsible for healthy and proper nutrition, compiling menus, controlling the correctness of food stuffing and scavenging of finished products, food quality, proper food storage, the work of the catering department and the observance of sanitary and hygienic rules.

For students of the Academy there are several different menus available in the canteen and the Academy’s buffet with a set of essential vitamins and minerals.

Medical service

To provide medical care to all students, residents of the boarding schools of the Academy are provided with round-the-clock qualified medical care.


In order to ensure personal and fire safety, safety of property in the residential building, round-the-clock video surveillance is installed and maintained, as well as internal and external security of the building and rooms of the orphanage is carried out. In a boarding school the rules for living in a boarding school are strictly followed, all students use electronic passes.


Attendance of students is allowed only by their legal representatives and (or) other close relatives (siblings, grandmother, grandfather). Days and time of visit: Saturday, Sunday from 10-00 to 20-00. Visiting residential and other premises of the boarding school by visitors is strictly prohibited.

Visitors must present an identity document to the duty representative of the security company upon entering the boarding school. The guard on duty keeps a register of visitors in the journal and is responsible for maintaining order in the boarding school.

When a student leaves the Academy, legal representatives in writing submit an application to the head of the boarding school, which indicates the specific address and telephone number, where and for what time the student departs. Without a statement certified by the head of the boarding school with the address indicated, no student is allowed to leave the Academy;

Departure from the Academy for weekends, holidays and vacation days is allowed, accompanied by legal representatives or by a notarized power of attorney of legal representatives, which are recorded in the magazine “Accounting for departure and arrival of pupils”.

Persons evicted from the Boarding School, entrance to the Boarding School is not allowed.