Social support for students at the Academy is a priority. The leadership of the Academy pays close attention to the conditions of students in solving social problems.

The main goal of the Academy’s social work is to ensure the full development of the child as an individual, to protect the rights of children under the age of majority, and to provide social support to students.

Main activities:

  • Compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding the provision of social assistance to students;
  • the study of basic social needs and problems of students;
  • Work with socially unprotected categories of students;
  • organization of the provision and control of social benefits and payments to students;
  • coordination of the activities of the structural units of the Academy to ensure measures of social support for students;
  • organization and implementation of preventive work to prevent possible problems in the development of the personality of students, to preserve, strengthen and develop their mental health during the entire period of training, to develop skills for a healthy lifestyle.
  • socio-psychological support;
  • providing students with social and nominal scholarships, grants, allowances, compensation;
  • rendering material and other assistance to students of the Academy;
  • providing attendance of students theaters, exhibitions aimed at the spiritual development of students.