Initiation into the profession

On October 6, 2018, a solemn ceremony of initiation into the profession of students of the Academy with the participation of the Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Arystanbek Muhamediuly, Vice-Minister of Culture and Sports – Aktoty Raimkulova, as well as cultural figures was held at the Astana Ballet Theater.

This holiday is of great importance, since this day for the first time small artists took to the professional stage and made а vow to study and work for the good of the dance art. Like any solemn event, this event was not without gifts – each dedicated student received a letter with words of farewell on behalf of the Rector of the Academy.

The first number of students dedicated to this wonderful profession of an artist was Polonaise, and middle-class students with a children’s number “Bal Balapan” continued the concert program, students from Japan – Luna Munakata, Sayaka Ito from pizzicato to the music of L. Delibes, as well as undergraduate students Anel Rustemova and Armand Urazov with pas de deux from the ballet Don Quixote.

In the life of modern students and students there are many interesting, exciting and extraordinary. In order to become a real student of the Academy, it is not enough to pass a competitive selection. A true student is one who has passed all tests on the way to the honorary title of an artist with dignity and honor.

The celebration on the occasion of initiation into the profession is an old and good tradition of dance schools. This symbolic process of dedication once again indicates what a serious path our students begin.