“I do not want to lose you”

“I don’t want to lose you” is the name of the new clip of the creative duet 2BE Aida Oshakhbaeva and Magamed, which was presented at the Academy on September 20. The director-operator of the clip is Artem Tereshchenko “VKVADRATE STUDIO”, the color correction is Vladislav Zharko. The music and lyrics were written by the duet performers 2BE.

Words of gratitude to the whole team that worked on the creation of the video for their hard work and excellent results were expressed by teachers and students. Senior teacher Anvar Anripovna Sadykova said: “We are confident that this music video will become a real hit!” Although Aida and Magamed themselves are more modest in assessing their perspectives: “In fact, this clip is not aimed at being a hit, we just wanted to show our listeners are very beautiful and high-quality work. “